2023 Schedule

Due to roster issues, Thames BBC will be playing a limited schedule this season. We may add more matches but for now this is our 2023 schedule.

April 29th (Saturday) 11:00am – Connecticut College Baseball Club @ Fort Trumbull
June 3rd (Saturday) 10:00am – Springfield @ Fort Trumbull
July 29th (Saturday) 10:00am – Woodstock Hilltoppers @ Fort Trumbull

2022 Schedule

Sat Apr 9 – Brooklyn Atlantics is & Wethersfield Red Onion @ Fort Trumbull
Sun Apr 10 – Providence Grays @ Rocky Neck State Park
Sat Apr 25 – Connecticut College Baseball Club @ Fort Trumbull
Sat May 21 – Boston Union @ Fort Trumbull
Sat Jul 9 – Wethersfield Red Onion @ Fort Trumbull
Sat Jul 30 – Woodstock @ Woodstock Commons
Sat Aug 13 – Wethersfield Red Onion @ Cove Park
Sat Aug 27 – Woodstock @ Fort Trumbull

Northeast All-Stars selections

Jake Neutz and Mike Neville have been selected to represent Thames BBC as Northeast All-Stars in the 4th John Martin Memorial Series at Muzzy Field (Bristol, CT) on Sunday Sept. 26th. Warmups are at 9:30am for 10:00am tripleheader (1864 rules).

Zach Kohl was selected as 1st alternate and Chris Hurtgen as 2nd alternate if Jake or Mike are unable to play.

Jake was the only player to be named on every ballot. Simon Phillips and Casey Hurtgen also received multiple votes.

Votes were cast by everyone on the Thames BBC roster who played in a game this season.

Woodstock Hilltoppers match

Great day for base ball at Fort Trumbull! Thanks to the Hilltoppers, for making the long drive from Woodstock, as well as the Bulldogs who helped up fill out our lineups. Special thanks to M-it for umpiring and his son Meat Wagon for an outstanding job catching for Woodstock!

Match @ Woodstock

We had a great time playing two games with the Woodstock Hilltoppers on a perfect day for base ball. Looking forward to their visit to Fort Trumbull on Aug. 14th!