If you are interested in sponsoring our team please contact us. Opportunities include:

  • A local restaurant to provide a food for our light snack break between games and post-game gathering.
  • A local brewery to provide beverages for our post-game gathering. Must be in bottles or cans (no kegs allowed in state parks).
  • A local bar to serve as our official post-match and post-practice gathering spot. This sponsor would fund the purchase of a season’s worth of new vintage base balls (one dozen).
  • A local photographer to be our official team photographer. Duties would include taking pre-game team photos and action photos during the games for use on our social media platforms. Photos used would have a watermark of the photographer’s choosing.

Food and beverage sponsorships are available for each home match. All sponsors will be mentioned on this page and sponsors of individual matches will be included in all promotion for those matches.