Muzzy Field hosts a vintage All-Star baseball game

All-Stars group photo at Muzzy Field

BRISTOL – Visitors to Muzzy Field Sunday discovered a marked difference between today’s baseball and the game played in 1864: etiquette.

Notable vintage baseball players from across the Northeast congregated at the park for the first-ever Historic Baseball All-Star event, a demonstration and commemoration planned by the Bristol Historical Society…

Read more: Muzzy Field hosts a vintage All-Star baseball game – Erica Drzewiecki/Bristol Press (14 Oct 2018)

“Vintage Base Ball Combines Best Of Two Worlds”

Check out this article written about our match at Woodstock. A couple of inaccuracies found their way into it but nice press nevertheless.

Vintage Base Ball Combines Best Of Two Worlds” – Denise Coffey/Hartford Courant

2018 Northeast Historic Base Ball All-Star Game lineups

There will be a vintage base ball -All-Star game at historic Muzzy Field in Bristol, CT on Sunday, October 14th starting at noon.
The line-ups for the two teams as drawn on Monday are as follows:

Team “Daniel”

MGR:  Chuck Ciccarello (CT Bulldogs)
Chris Hurtgen (Thames BBC)
Simon Phillips (Thames BBC)
Ken Hartwright (Whately Pioneers)
Steve Smith (NH Granite)
Dan Cook (Westfield Wheelmen)
Brian Grant (NY Mutuals)
Steve Spurrier (Hoboken)
Brian Besacon (Rising Sun, Maryland)
Jeff Kornhaas (CT Liberty)
Geoffrey Garth (Bristol Blues, RI)
Scott Hastings (Dirigo)
Johnny Carlevale (Providence Grays)
Ryan Kiely (CT Bulldogs)
Tony Sciucco (Boston Beaneaters)
Michael Smith (New England Picked Nine)
Emmett Cole (Newtown Sandy Hooks)
Brian Donnelly (Bridgeport Orators)

Team “Lucias”

MGR:  Jay Gildea (Boston Beaneaters)
Scott Caruso (Thames BBC)
Dave Leiper (Whately Pioneers)
Nicholas Pascucci (NH Granite)
Buck Dancer (Olneyville Cadets)
Art Girech (Westfield Wheelmen)
Taylor Taranto (NY Mutuals)
Greg Rodenbaugh  (Rising Sun, Maryland)
Doug Levesque (Rising Sun, Maryland)
Nick Hardy (CT Liberty)
Jake Newcomb (Dirigo)
Mike Duggan (Providence Grays)
Stephen Pascucci (CT Bulldogs)
Collin Miller (Mountain Athletic Club)
Ben Walsh (Boston Beaneaters)
Gregory Smith (New England)
Jay Edwards (Newtown Sandy Hooks)
Nicholas Frandsen (Bovina Dairymen)
Melissa Frydlo (Wethersfield Red Onion)

Final match of the 2018 season

We travel to Woodstock, CT to play the Hilltoppers. Game time is 11am. The field is located on Hill Cemetery Rd, Woodstock.

Vintage baseball game to be played at Nathan Hale Homestead

Vintage baseball game to be played at Nathan Hale Homestead” – The Day

COVENTRY (AP) — Two periods of American history will come together next month during an unusual baseball doubleheader in Connecticut.

The Nathan Hale Homestead is hosting the vintage baseball exhibition on June 30th.

The Bouckville Summits and the Providence Grays, two teams from the Mid-Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League, will play in a field at the birthplace of the Revolutionary War spy.

The rules and equipment will be authentic to those used in 1864. The balls are hand-stitched and the bats used are heavier and longer than modern ones.

Sponsors say it will be a “gentlemen’s game,” with cursing resulting in a 25-cent fine and an apology to the spectators.

The Hale Homestead is situated on 17 acres, adjoining the 1,500-acre Nathan Hale State Forest.”