Season winding down

We played our last home games of the season yesterday, defeating the Woodstock Hilltoppers in two well-played games. The first game took almost 2.5 hours making it the longest game this season.

Our remaining schedule consists of 3 away games in September. The first is on Sept. 12th against the Hartford Dark Blues at Wethersfield Cove in Wethersfield, the second is on Sept. 19th against the Waterbury Connors Alumni at Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, and our last match of the season is on Sept. 26th (note date change) with the Bristol Blues and Lisbon Tunnelmen at Concordia Boat Yard in South Dartmouth, MA.

Baseball Goes Vintage

Here’s a short video from CBS News featuring the Dirigo Vintage Base Ball Club and Mudville Base Ball Club, both from Maine.

Vintage Ballists Go Back In Time, Honor Early Days Of Base Ball

Vintage Ballists Go Back In Time, Honor Early Days Of Base Ball” – Andy Hutchison/Newtown Bee

“A Woodstock Hilltoppers’ player drove a ball deep to left field, over the head of outfielder Bryan Donnelly. A sure extra base hit in today’s game — but this wasn’t today’s game of hardball. Donnelly dove and caught the ball on a bounce for an out.

An out? On a bounce?

Welcome to 1864 rules base ball (that’s two words, not one word, like how we write baseball today)…”