2021 Season wrap-up

Thames BBC had a somewhat challenging season in 2021 due to roster issues. We expected some problems after not having played at all last season but it was worse than expected. We had two regulars move out of state before the season started, two more regulars who had been on the team at least 15 years retire, and two other regulars whose work commitments kept them from playing in any matches.

We only had 8 players who appeared in at least one match and only 3 who played in every match. Chuck Ciccarello was instrumental in helping us field a team by arranging for substitute players from his Hartford Bulldogs team as well as from the Wethersfield Red Onion team as needed. As a result, we only had one match early in the season cancelled due to a lack of players.

We closed out our regular season today with our first-ever match vs. the Westerly Quarrymen. Their first season was in 2019 and they are still trying to build their roster. Their proximity to New London (about 20 miles) has our teams planning to hold some practices together next season and lend each other players as needed.

Our off-season will be spent trying to recruit some new players and working on some new promotion plans.